Meet my friend Philippines Shane

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Today Shane will accompany him again after 2 days of permission because there is a personal problem, but today I have no teaching schedule so the activity is that Shane will help me improve the lesson plan and powerpoint for tomorrow’s learning
We went to the High School Laboratory early because Adi taught the first hour, which was 7:30 a.m. The body still felt homesick, but I had to be enthusiastic, especially I would meet Shane, I was very worried about the situation, she was a friend I had considered even though I was new to you.
We made an appointment to meet in the faculty room to edit with mam Jane too, today I had to get up early to prepare breakfast because I had no teaching hours so I wasn’t too nervous this morning, at 7:00 a.m. Mr. Marlon came to take us to the laboratory His high school is very kind and considerate as the coordinator Mr. Marlon is my ideal coordinator.
Starting to leave while telling me about my teaching experience yesterday, Mr. Marlon saw me teaching because when I taught many teachers who took photos and video then uploaded them on Facebook “You are so great at making students interested in you, congratulations,” they told me, I always play songs when students starting to be out of focus because I teach outside the field so I have to always attract attention and I have good luck because I can play songs as hard as possible.
Arriving at the high school Laboratory many students greeted me, I thought it was my student yesterday, I forgot their faces and their names were hard for me to memorize. The faculty room here I met mam Jane, Shane hasn’t come yet “Can she not come?” I was very worried because she was very sad because of the incident yesterday, opened the laptop and showed the lesson plan to mam Jane as soon as I did she started reading and told me to fix some part, and I do that now.

An hour later Shane came to greet me from behind “Janu, how are you? I heard yesterday that you taught great, Kit told me “” tomorrow will be even greater, because tomorrow I will teach with you “I replied with a smile. We spent just 20 minutes telling stories and joking like friends who didn’t meet for a month. Ha ha ha

“Shane can you help me improve the lesson plan” asking me for help, “sure, I will help you in any case,” said Shane, “you are indeed a good friend shane”. We started to edit the files a lot. Shane taught me, that the curriculum in the Philippines must make students active and the teacher must appreciate a lot of things students do like “good answers, applaud him” so students feel valued.
After I finished editing the lesson plan data, I went home and Shane had to accompany his sick soud.
When I arrived at the hostel I still had to make a lesson plan and powerpoint for my study later on a very tiring night,

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