Holidays for science claimants

The car started to turn on the journey to the Plaza Luisa Pavilion today, I have no class to teach. I started down the Sumacab road, I saw a lot of farmers who were busy planting rice fields and a group of birds that were busy looking for food, including the same atmosphere as Indonesia. It seems that a culture of mutual help and a sincere smile on the faces of the farmers along the way, the trip we stopped at the American Memorial Park at a glance like a memorial monument where the name I thought was a Philippines hero

With friends and teacher

No matter how much money I have to spend if I use personal money to date, I am very grateful for this opportunity. My holiday is to understand the surroundings while looking up at the sky thinking about the changes that I will do later in my university. I have to remember that there is not to improve the quality of education in Indonesia, then I have to absorb as much knowledge as possible both in learning and with me seeing the situation. Big responsibility has come to me and I’m not going to make my university disappointed.

Therewith Cosecha Para El Selmon Festival

The El Senon Festival is held in the ST area. Nicolas High School, INC. This event is a Catholic religious program that contains a street parade that wears Catholic costumes along with its symbols, if in Surakarta such as Surakarta palace. Some Filipino face girls started out of school to which had been wearing a complete costume, it appeared that the men dressed in the priest closed the parade line.

Dance group NEUST

Here it turned out that I met the University of Science and Technology dance club Nueva Ecija, they were the opening act of the Cosecha Para El Senon event which was really very great.

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